Ernestine and Georg Spindler

Tony is our house manager since January 2010. His service is perfect and he does a very good job. We appreciate the continuous oversight and maintenance of our house. We are pleased with his professionalism and politeness. Tony is very knowledgeable and extreme prompt. He treats the house as if it is his own and we are glad that he is supporting us in Cape Coral.


Steven J. Caruso

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for ail of the work you have performed for me over the last four years. I appreciate the continuous oversight and maintenance of my residence.

Being a General Contractor in the Boston area for the past thirty years, I am familiar with what it takes to get it done.

Your service and attention to detail is outstanding and does not go without notice. There is no better feeling than knowing that my home is in good hands while I am 1500 miles away.

I appreciate your service and look forward to using your services for many years to come.


Dieter & Verena Feger

Since 2009 we work together with Tony.
His service is exceptional. Tony takes care of our house while we are not around.fulfills the urgent requests of our renters and is solving all smaller and bigger issues swiftly.

He shows clear prioritization on what to fix first, if things happen (i.e. broken air conditioning, repaired within 3 hours !).

Even all the renters we had in our house speak only very highly of Tony.

We are glad that he is supporting us in Cape Coral.


Bob Brownridge

I Wish to make a comment on how Tony Fontaine does such a great job. We are so pleased with his professionalism and politness.
Tony is very knowledgeable and extremely prompt. We have not had any problem that has not been dealt with quickly.

We are very impressed with Tony and we think that his superiors should be aware of such a great asset that Tony Fontaine is.


Reiner Zimmer

Tony is our housemanager since many years. Everything he does is perfect. He always has a smile in his face, even when it´s a rainy day, we have sunshine in our villa when Tony is present.


Karl and Sue Mohnsen

We built a house in Cape Coral in 2011 and Tony Fontaine has taken care of our rental home and our customers from the very beginning. Our house is always in perfect condition and Tony does a very good job with every detail that is necessary to keep it that way. We can recommend Tony in every way, he treats our house as if it were his.